About Us


The Center for Psychotherapy Research was founded in 2012 at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University. Our aim is to:

  • realize research particular projects,
  • support psychotherapy research in the Czech professional context,
  • spread information about psychotherapy research among practitioners, and
  • assist in bridging the practice-research gap in psychotherapy research.


Several lines of research became more central in our endeavor, especially:

  • Psychotherapist development: the development of personal therapeutic approach, research on master therapists, …
  • Research on psychotherapy trainings: case formulation skills development, training in integrative approaches, competence models, helpful and hindering events in psychotherapy training, …
  • Research on psychotherapy process: helpful and hindering events from the client’s, as well as therapist’s, perspectives, case studies, …
  • Translation and validation of research instruments