Being in sync with others: physiological mechanisms and ps. functions of synchrony - 2. 5. 2022 - aula FSS 16.00

Katedra psychologie vás zve na přednášku "Being in sync with others: physiological mechanisms and psychological functions of synchrony" Dr. Yulie Golland z Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology Reichmanovy University v Izraeli. Podrobnosti o přednášce, která se koná v pondělí 2. 5. 2022 od 16 hod v aule na FSS, i přednášející najdete níže.
An impressive body of research demonstrates that people become synchronized with each other during interaction in their behavior, experience and physiology. This research lies at the heart of the scientific effort to shed light on the mechanisms allowing people to rapidly and effortlessly form social bonds and understand others. In this talk I present a series of studies in which we investigated social synchrony in neural, autonomic and facial response systems and assessed its different psychological functions.
I will first demonstrate that in nonverbal social emotional contexts people become synchronized with each other which leads to emotional similarity. I will then suggest that physiological synchrony is grounded in exchanges of facial signals, which serve as one of the most pronounced communicative channels between people. I will show that individuals indeed become robustly synchronized in their facial signals and that such facial synchrony may serve both as emotional communication and as a social facilitator, eliciting affiliative feelings towards previously unknown others.
In the last part of my talk I will briefly demonstrate the unique role played by physiological synchrony in complex social emotional processes, such as empathy and compassion.
Dr. Yulia Golland is an Associate Professor at the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology, Reichman University, Israel. Her research is broadly focused on the mechanisms of social interaction, tapping into such topics as neural, physiological and emotional synchrony with others, the effects of social presence, and biological mechanisms of compassion. Her research combines rigorous methodological approaches with naturalistic, "real life like" social emotional setups.
Her scientific work has been published in distinguished journals in neuroscience and biological psychology. She is also actively involved in knowledge dissemination, giving lectures and seminars about the workings of the brain to students, clinicians, policy makers and educators.

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