Bachelor’s degree studies

Bachelor’s degree studies open the door to elementary knowledge of psychology.

We will teach you to think about this knowledge critically and to evaluate it in the context of contemporary psychology. We will be looking for answers to your questions about human behavior and experience, and learn how can they be researched and “measured”.

You will learn all you need about psychology, whether it will become the main or secondary focus of your career.

Bachelor's degree studies are currently provided in Czech language only.

Single-subject Bachelor’s degree studies

Single-subject study of psychology is suitable for those who have already decided on their selected subject.

Single-subject bachelor’s degree is a requirement for a career in health care (clinical psychology, psychology in health care)

The subject complies with the European Qualification Standard for Psychologists (EuroPsy).


Double-subject Bachelor’s degree study

Double-subject bachelor’s degree study enables the candidates to gain elementary knowledge in theoretical psychological disciplines, and to learn to apply it in relation to their second subject, for example in state or private spheres, social work, state administration, diplomacy, charity organizations, NGOs, journalism and publishing, HR, editorial and educational activities, advertising, politics, public relations, management and business.

Entrance examination

The entrance examination for single- and double-subject Bachelor’s degree studies is a written test consisting of a study aptitude test and of a test on the foundations of social sciences.

There are two options for the aptitude test: the applicants can choose to sit either a study aptitude test designed by Masaryk University (TSP), or a general aptitude test (OSP) prepared by SCIO, a private company which designs professional and standardized tests for entrance exams. The test on the foundations of social sciences is provided by SCIO. 

A semester abroad?

Most students at Masaryk University travel to study abroad within the popular European ERASMUS+ program, which offers study and practical internships as part of the studies in the countries of the EU, EEA and in Turkey.

ERASMUS+ is administered by the Centre of International Cooperation at Masaryk University. Signing contracts and nominating the students and teachers is done by the faculties and departments. General information can be accessed through the Czech National Agency for European Educational Programs (NAEP). Masaryk University has been successfully running the ERASMUS+ program for many years and provides excellent support.


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