Follow-up Master’s degree studies

The follow-up Master’s degree studies will prepare you for the career of a psychologist. A successful graduate will be awarded a Master’s diploma in Psychology.

An eligible candidate for enrollment will have completed a Bachelor’s degree in an accredited psychology program, and they will have passed the written entrance examination. Master's degree study is currently provided in Czech language only.

What is the Master’s degree program like and how will you benefit from it?

  • You will deepen your knowledge of fundamental psychology subjects.
  • You will expand your knowledge by learning about new disciplines, such as psychodiagnostics, clinical psychology and psychotherapy.
  • You will be trained in basic applied psychology disciplines: counselling, school and educational psychology, and the psychology of management and organization
  • You will receive practical training and complete optional programs which will enable you to focus on a particular area of practical psychology or academic career.
  • You will be able to select one out of three study profiles, each of which comprises between 3 to 4 compulsory subjects (ECTS A). Those subjects can be taken even if you choose another profile; in this case they will be your required optional course (ECTS B).
  • The topic of your final Master’s dissertation does not have to match your selected profile. You can choose from the research topics of the department employees and research teams at the department or in The Institute for Research of Children, Youth and Family at FSS. The specialized subject Diploma project will help you find the right diploma thesis topic.
  • The state final examination consists of three subjects: two general (Theories and systems in Psychology, Psychodiagnostics), and one compulsory subject within your selected study profile.

The structure and focus of the follow-up Master’s degree studies is described in this document. (Czech language only).

The description of study profiles, studies content, information about graduates’ possible career paths and the format of practical training is described in this document. (Czech language only).

Entrance examination

The follow-up Master’s degree studies in psychology is intended specifically for the graduates of an accredited Bachelor’s degree programs in psychology.

The Master’s degree entrance examination is a one-round written test with sixty closed questions. The only criterion for admission is your success in the test. The dates of entrance examinations can be found on-line.

A semester abroad?

Most students at Masaryk University travel to study abroad within the popular European ERASMUS+ program, which offers study and practical internships as part of the studies in the countries of the EU, EEA and in Turkey.

ERASMUS+ is administered by the Centre of International Cooperation at Masaryk University. Signing contracts and nominating the students and teachers is done by the faculties and departments. General information can be accessed through the Czech National Agency for European Educational Programs (NAEP). Masaryk University has been successfully running the ERASMUS+ program for many years and provides excellent support.


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