Psychological recommendations and advice for families

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The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t only bring medical challenges, but also requires us to deal with a range of challenging situations within our family circle. Here, you will find freely available psychological advice on how to tackle issues such as explaining what the disease is to your child or how to best offer help to your elderly relatives.

The materials you can download contain specific advice on what to do and what to say in a variety of situations that families might face during this crisis. We made sure this advice is actionable and concrete – we even included example sentences that you yourself might use in communicating with your child, elderly relative or any other family member or loved one.

This advice was compiled by the faculty members and students of the Department of Psychology at Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University. It is freely available to everyone to use and share. If you believe some families or institutions might make use of it, please do not hesitate to send it to them.

Fear of coronavirus

Is your child afraid of the coronavirus? Here is how you can help them overcome their fear.

When somebody gets sick

How can you inform your children that some close relatives got sick? How can you recognize that you child does not feel good?

How to teach at the time of coronavirus

Recommendations for teachers in kindergarten and elementary schools.


How can you speak with your child if somebody from family or some close friend has got sick, or if they have been hospitalized?

Activities for children and their grandparents

How to keep grandparents and their grandchildren in touch even when they cannot see each other in person? We have several tips for on-line and phone meetings, games, etc.!

What if parents must stay abroad

What to do if you or your partner are forced to stay away from you family and children for a long time due to closure of borders?

How to talk to children

How can you speak with your child if somebody from family or some close friend has got sick, or if they have been hospitalized?

How to offer help to the elderly people

Seniors need our help, even when it might appear that they do not. We should know how to offer it.

For parents who are front-line professionals

Here is how you can talk to your child or adolescent who might worry about your health when you're at work.

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